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Highest Quality Film Installation

Melbourne Tint has been providing a window tinting service in Melbourne for over 20 years and continues to provide customers the highest quality film installation - meeting or exceeding the international visual quality standard for film installation -IWFA Visual Quality Standard - if it doesn't meet this standard we'll replace the film for free. A film installation promise that none of our competitors in Melbourne dare to match. 

- and no disputes over what is an acceptable installation standard because it's all written down. The international film installation standard clearly states what is acceptable and what is not acceptable under the standard.

Lowest Price in Australia for top USA Brand Films, including 3M

While we no longer supply window film, we do promise our customers the lowest prices in Australia on top quality US made window films, including 3M. A promise we can make because Online Quote SAVE 15% have a lowest price guarantee

- if you are quoted a price lower than the Online Quote SAVE 15% price they will beat the lower price by $50, and ship the film to you for free - no lame price match promises here.


Melbourne Tint is an authorised film installer for Online Quote SAVE 15% 



How do I get the lowest price in Australia on top USA made films and the highest quality film installation?

  1. Measure your windows - see how to measure your windows
  2. Choose your film - use the Expert System: Right Film Finder to find the right type of film for your job.
  3. Go to the Window Films Comparison Site - the largest window film comparison site in the world comparing 462 films made by the top US manufacturers - find the highest performance film at the lowest price for the film type you require
  4.  Follow the "Get Price Now" link at the comparison site, or if you know the film you want go to the the Online Job Costing app 
  5. Enter your film selection and your window pane measurements.
  6. At Step 2 enter your postcode and our installation charge for your postcode will be calculated for your job.
  7. At Step 3 you can request film samples be posted to you.
  8. Finally enter your contact details and a WebQuote will be emailed to you.
  9. Once you have received your quote and the film samples and are ready to place your order, follow the link in the WebQuote email to our checkout page (you pay the film cost and $20 towards the cost of freight).

After you have placed the order

  1. The film is pre-cut at the manufacturers Australian warehouse 20mm larger than the measurements you entered and couriered direct to you - so you can be confident the film you ordered is the film you receive.
  2. The local film installer is advised of your job and will call you to schedule the installation - to, coincide with the film delivery.
  3. On job completion you pay the film installer the amount shown for film installation. 
  4. Your film is covered by manufacturers warranty - usually lifetime for most films installed in residences and 10-12 years when installed in commercial buildings

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Melbourne Tint established itself as one of the top window tinting companies in Melbourne through the care and attention to detail of the film installers.

In recent years, Melbourne Tint was unable to compete with Online Quote SAVE 15% on window film prices and, based on its excellent film instaler reputation, became an authorised film installer for Online Quote SAVE 15%  Melbourne Tint now provides the  film installation service to their Melbourne customers.

All film installed by Melbourne Tint is to the International Standard for Visual Quality (if it doesn't meet the standard it is replaced at our cost, no argument)

 Online Quote SAVE 15%

Approved Independent Professional Window Film Installer


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webquote - online window tinting job costingA sales rep visits your home or office, measures the windows, recommends a film and quotes the job

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Instead of booking a sales rep, you measure your own windows, use our On-line Job Costing app, and save $141 in sales commission on the average size job in your area

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Compare price and performance of the top USA film brands, incl 3M

Window Film Comparison Site

462 window films compared
Discover the film with the highest performance and lowest cost - best value for money


price beat $50

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